My First Kings Hockey Game!

My love took me to The LA Kings vs Edmonton Oilers game last night. I loved hearing the excitement in his voice as we drove to the North Hollywood Subway Station. As we were going down the escalators he pointed out my friend Chris who goes to damn near every game he can! I called him out and rushed over to give him a big ol’ bear hug! We hopped on the train and Chris half drunkedly went on about the game, his friends he was meeting and his love for LA Kings attire. When we finally reached our destination, we headed over to El Compadre to meet with Chris’s friends before the game and ordered two Purple Cadillac Margaritas. We listened to their nonsensical conversations as we sucked down our drinks and helped ourselves to their chips and guacamole. Brian paid for our drinks and we were on our way. 

There is something about being out with him surrounded by people. It’s almost as if we have to force ourselves to be present. To step outside of our little love bubble. We had a great time and the game was unusually productive! A score of 8-2 is kind of unheard of! I’m just going to say,  it’s because I was there 😉 

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