Made With Love…

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“Where to begin…” she penned into her journal. She tapped the tip of her pen on the last ellipsis as she contemplated the events of the day. She let out a deep sigh as her mind wandered to that afternoon. A mix of emotions and a yearning sensation in the pit of her stomach. The sound of his voice calling her name as she reached to open the car door. Her turning to see him softly jogging towards her in his gray-blue suit and a curious smile on his face. “Nathan! Hey what’s going on?” Her eyes were wide with surprise and her mouth was slightly agape as she looked up at him, he was standing awfully close to her now. He gushed, “Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for the birthday cookies! They were really good!” 

She blushed and waved her hand in the air “oh no really it was my pleasure, I love to bake so…” He caught her hand mid wave and said “no really, thank you. It was really special that you took the time to bake those just for me.” 

She wondered that previous night if it was too forward or perhaps inappropriate to make him cookies. Would their coworkers think something was going on, would he? She thought he maybe knew she was a bit sweet on him, but he was married to a beautiful woman and she was just plain Jane. Even if he knew, he would never… It was then as he held her hand that he gently grasped it in both of his and kissed it. She paused, breath caught in her throat. Her eyes focused in on his smooth masculine hands. Her hand looked so small in his and she raised her eyes to meet him. She felt confused, “why are his eyes glistening like…” a single tear fell and rolled down his cheek. 

He looked at her with a sad half smile and whispered, “I’ve been feeling a bit defeated lately, and well, I’m sorry I just really wanted to thank you.” It was then she understood and reached her free hand to grasp his and pulled them to her warm cheek. “Nathan I’m always here if you need someone to talk to, I hope you know that.” He swallowed hard and said “I do. Thank you.” Their hands slowly slid apart and he smiled that curious smile again and walked back towards the building entrance. 

Her hands felt hot and all her senses flooded back to her. She got in her car and just sat for awhile. Her heart was full and tears pooled in her eyes. She closed her eyes and let them fall as that familiar warm feeling covered her. 

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Swoooooon. It’s so beautiful