One Last Lifetime

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Weightless she stared into the light speckled blackness. For a moment all was still and there was no sound, just her and the stars. Then the spirit whispered to her “Are you ready for another journey?” Her memory recalled a feeling, closing of eyelids, but there was no blinking here and her hands were not there. It was all stillness, no sound, she was weightless, lightly floating towards the galaxies before her. 

“Yes, but I have one request.” 

The spirits airy voice whispered again, “It is love you seek then in this life?”

“Yes, but…” she felt a pulsing sensation radiate all about her, a pang like no other felt on earth before. “But I want to experience love that is true and honest and painful in its simplicity… can I have that?”

The spirit did not respond right away, finally it said. “You will know love, an all consuming love that will touch everyone who witnesses it. But first you will live a long life devoid of love. Your test will be to love others in abundance, to not lose your heart, your mind or your spirit. If you can pass this test, you will be presented with the love you desire most. This love however, will be but a brief moment of your entire life…Do you still wish it?” 

“I do…”

Into light she went and when her time was done she found herself there again, in the blackness, weightless and lightly floating towards stars.

She could remember them now, the names the people called them. “Stars”, she whispered…

The spirit spoke to her again, “Tell me child, did you pass your test? Was it worth it?”

She radiated bright white, a delicate heat and a pulsing emanation that was love in abundance.

“It was, I lived as you said. A life devoid of love, full of hurt and sorrow. But I loved others in abundance and kept my heart, my mind, and my spirit. Then he found me at the most unexpected time when I thought I had accepted my loveless fate. Our time was brief in the grand scheme of things but oh was it love… love beyond anything I could ever dream and oh it was worth it, it was worth it.” 

The spirit nudged her gently and said “carry love with you child and light the way for others.” 

She gently floated towards the stars and became one with the galaxy. 

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