A Glimpse of Innovation – Silicon Beach Fest 2015

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  Today I am working a booth for a brand new app based startup called ‘Seateroo’. This new app, expected to be available for download early November, will allow you to swap seats with another passenger on your flight. You will be able to do this ahead of time, right before boarding, or even during your flight. It’s all app based, no switching of boarding passes and no airline involvement. I’m expecting this to become very popular and an app people will automatically go to after booking their flights. 


Talk about Genius! This guy is going to make a killing off of all those crazy animal lovers! You know the ones who dress their dogs in foo foo outfits and feed them “vegan pet food”? Ok well maybe not just those TYPES but definitely anyone who owns a dog or cat is going to want this just in case! This nifty little cup called ‘Petnostics’ is meant to detect any abnormalities in your pets urine. They also have a special kitty litter that will allow the urine to bubble up to the top which you can then collect with a tool supplied and place into the urine cup. After collecting the urine you then flip the cup upside down allowing the urine to soak into the test strip. You then use the app to scan the urine sample like a barcode and wallah! Test results!  

Bloody Genius!

   There are a variety of really cool startups here worth mentioning! I recommend you look into these for yourselves!

A device that will pause the audio coming through your headphones when there is a change in background noise.


$85 will get you a variety of home accents based on your personal tastes. keep what you love, send back what you don’t.


AIO Robotics


Scale 1:1

And my absolute favorite!

ElemenTerra is a virtual reality game that allows you to create your own world! Think Minecraft but waaaaaaayyyy cooler! I had a chance to try it out and I was blown away! You have the ability to build your world with your virtual hands and tools. If you were a fan of games like the original sim city, FarmVille or any miniature world creation type of games, you will absolutely love this! 

I feel like this is just a glimpse of what’s to come in the world of technology. The event isn’t huge but the innovation is. 


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Hi April! Thanks for trying out ElemenTerra at the Silicon Beach Fest! The shoutout here is really appreciated. Congrats to all the other great teams that were set up, too – you all looked great. 😀
To keep up with ElemenTerra, feel free to:
…like us on Facebook (http://facebook.com/ElemenTerra/)
…follow us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/ElemenTerraVR/)
…or check out our website (http://ElemenTerraVR.com/).

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