How ‘Dr. Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness’ Would Have Ended In My Universe. (FanFic)

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The Scarlet Witch rushes towards Wanda and the boys cowering on the stairs, “Get away from them!”, she growls as she flings Wanda across the room. Wanda’s body slams into the dining table snapping two of its legs and falls to the floor with a cracking thud.

The Scarlet Witch turns to her boys who are shocked and clinging to each other tightly, tears streaming down their faces. The Scarlet Witch tries to console them reaching out her arms desperate to feel their warmth in her embrace, “Get away!”, Billy shrieks gripping Tommy even tighter.

The boys look desperately towards their mother, begging her with their eyes and silent mouthing to get up. The Scarlet Witch’s eyes hastily flicker over to Wanda, back to the boys, back to Wanda again. Insanity ripples across The Scarlet Witch’s face, teeth gritted and eyes aflame, she knows that she is their mother and must remove this imposter.

The Scarlet Witch saunters over to Wanda, raising her arm and flicking her wrist sending the table flying into the kitchen. She stares at Wanda on the floor writhing in pain holding her head and grimacing hard. A look of sadness washes over The Scarlet Witch’s face, there’s something about this woman that reminds her of someone, its a bittersweet feeling but she can’t quite place it.

The Scarlet Witch shuts her eyes and swallows hard this burning sensation rising up in her throat. Her eyes snap open and she tilts her head to one side as a small smile forms on her face. A luminescent red glow grows brighter in her wild eyes, she winces and there’s a loud snap. Wanda’s face stares blankly and a forced breath escapes her slacked jaw.

The room lights up in luminescent red and silver streaking around The Scarlet Witch as she snaps out of her catatonic state. She quickly turns to her boys and the sound of their screams begin to fade. The Scarlet Witch’s mouth drops open and a gut wrenching cry escapes her mouth as everything around her begins to shape and shift into a dark drab home. The boys de-materialize into flecks of gold as The Scarlet Witch rushes to grab them swinging her arms into shimmering air.

“No no no no noooo!!!!” she screams. “This can’t be right! I know they’re real! I can feel them!”.

The Scarlet Witch quickly turns towards The Girl, “YOU!, take me to another universe!”.

The Scarlet Witch grabs the girl by the arm, again her eyes are filled with a burning red light as a loud snap is heard, again she screams as her arms grab for her boys. Scene after scene of The Scarlet Witch whose eyes are growing darker, face covered in more and more tear streaked blood.

Eyes frantic, her face contorts as she drops to her knees and lets out an angry cry. The Scarlet Witch covers her face and sobs heavily into her hands, “I don’t…understand…”, she chokes between sobs.

She turns her face to The Girl who stands in front of an open portal looking terrified and exhausted. “I know they’re real… how could they not be real?” she exclaims. The Scarlet Witch pleads with her eyes as she stifles her cries. She looks down at her hands dirty and stained with blood. She looks around the room, dark and dusty with sheets draped over couches, chairs, tables and a large grandfather clock. She bites her lower lip and furrows her brows as a look of defeat washes over her.

“I just wanted my boys…I just…I just need to be with them”, she says coldly.

The Scarlet Witch slowly gathers herself and stands up, looking around the room the sound of rushing air becomes clearer in her mind. She turns towards The Girl as wisps of her hair dance around her face.

“I’m so sorry” she says to The Girl, “please take me back”.

The Scarlet Witch and The Girl enter the portal making their way back to the temple, turning, she raises her hand pushing the girl back through the gateway and watches it shut for the last time.

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