Thoughts On God, The Big Bang, And Evolution. (Musings)

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Let me preface this by giving some insight into my mind. I believe in the possibility of all things. I was raised Christian and Catholic. Meaning, various concrete beliefs were instilled in me from a very young age. There are religious beliefs that are so deeply ingrained in me, that at times, they will contradict my philosophical beliefs. Where I find balance between theology and philosophy, is in guaranteeing that my religious beliefs are not harmful to other human beings. With that being said, I am not a religious person, but I enjoy having conversations about God, life, and whether or not aliens exist.

When the topic of “world creation” comes up, conversations tend to get pretty heated. Religion tells us that God created the heavens and earth in a week. Science tells us “mmmm no, thats impossible. Look at these rocks and dinosaurs that predate humans“. The thing is, a lot of religious people take the bible literally, I don’t. I like to believe that if God exists, time for him or her or they, is not relative to time as we humans experience it.

I think of God as this energy, this force, a sentient being if you will. I don’t believe that God is a man or a woman, but could shape into whatever image they so choose. I think that if God created the universe, that it happened just as science tells us, as a “Big Bang”! Why can’t both theories simultaneously be true? In God’s time, all of the universe and all of the known galaxies had to be created. Is it unreasonable to think that God created each galaxy like we humans create new Sims? Each having it’s own unique look, feel and story line. I can’t imagine that we humans are the only “intelligent” beings in the entire universe.

Evolution tells us that all living things started off as bacteria-like microorganisms. I imagine God creating and shaping the earth, viewing the process like one of those time lapsed videos of flowers budding open.

If God’s intention was always to create man, wouldn’t he want to have the Earth pre-populated with all the animals and plants that man would need to exist and survive? I think once God got to the dinosaurs, God was like, “mmmm maybe these things are too big and aggressive”. *Throws huge rock*

This could explain why there was such a large gap between the existence of dinosaurs and the genetic discovery of the first modern human female. But April! How do we account for Adam’s rib!? The bible is full of interesting stories that I think have ties to earths history. I think the bible has a purpose in our world. I also think people misuse it’s purpose for their own selfish desires. I choose to keep an open mind when it comes to the realm of possibilities tied to God and the universe. Perhaps what we think of as God is simply an energy that we are all tapped into. Perhaps our desire for spirituality is simply a need to feel connected to that energy some of us call God.

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Maria S

Wow I stumbled on this site by accident and have been thinking these thoughts ever since I was in Catholic school. Wondering about the missing pieces that I was taught. As an adult and with my fascination and interest in the science of how the world evolved has caused me more questions. It’s nice to know that there are others out there who don’t claim to have all the answers and are still searching.