Despite Politics We Can Agree: Abuse Has No Gender

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It’s day three of a stalemate between House Democrats and Republicans as they vote for speaker of the House. I imagine “each side” is expecting the other to fold as they put on their best poker faces and give their grandiose speeches in support of their elected. Just another day in American politics where disagreements are par for the course. Curious thing however, I’ve recently found myself engaging in conversations with people from all around the world. People who all hold varying political beliefs, from left to right and everywhere in between. The common social issue that we all somehow can agree upon is that abuse has no gender.

You may have heard this phrase used recently in relation to the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial. For those who spent 6 weeks glued to their screens, the reality of what male victims of domestic violence experience became undeniable. Abuse has no gender became the new #metoo mantra. Conversations exploded online and in everyday life about how men and women experience both domestic and sexual violence. People shared their stories and their concerns regarding backlash from feminist women’s organizations. Many wonder why these organizations are so adamant to deny that men are victims too and deserve support systems, just like women.

In spite of the blatant sexism that is coming from women’s rights organizations and feminist activists, many are remaining steadfast and lending their voices to bring awareness to the plight that both men and women face. Politics are nowhere to be found when honestly discussing domestic violence, despite what certain feminist media personalities try to claim. This fact gives me hope that we can continue to have conversations, share perspectives, and find common ground on many other important social issues.

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